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England Day Seven - EH! spiffy

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September 1st, 2004

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10:05 am - England Day Seven
This was to be my last day in Lancaster. I was going to finish packing eat, and then take a bus to Preston, a train to London, and then sleep at the airport. I decided to take a picture of the stairs that Christina first made me go up on the first day with my suitcase.

The evil stairs. They turn, too. So there's even MORE. Meh.
I finished packing, and sorted out the clothes I was going to wear, and then I put my cot back together to return it. This was my bed:

So pretty, heh. We returned it to the office, and then we saw this guy who was American from MN. I had a instacrush on him, and wished I was at Lancaster for a semester.
We went back to the flat, and I started to make French Toast.

Here's me cooking, mmmmmm.
Some of the Brits tried it, I guess to be polite, but they didn't like it in general. I burnt a couple of slices, but it was still delicious. Phil came back to the flat (and he brought like a 48 pack of Carlsing.. it was weird to see), and so As I finished up the last minute details, I took pictures of Christina, Phil and the scarf I had made.

Christina and Phil.

Their feet.

Just Phil.

The happy couple.

My scarf :)

Christina wanted me to take this ET book home for her for some reason. So I took pictures with it. Look how happy I am to see my relative ET!

Don't we look alike! It's uncanny!
Emily told Nicole about how I was leaving that day and sleeping at the airport, and she asked me if I mind if she tagged along, and then she invited me to sleep with her ... AT HER HOTEL haha sorry. I was so excited, because that would be 1435x better than going to London alone, and sleeping at the airport. However, when I left, Christina didn't let me say goodbye to anyone. Alas, no bed for me that night.
We got on the bus, and I'm worrying like a mofo that I don't miss this bus (if I do, then I won't be able to make it). The guy on the phone said the bus station was 5 min by walking to the train station. I didn't believe him, so I took the earlier bus. We finally made it to the bus station, and the bus wasn't there yet (sweet!). Some guy that was there had a jheri curl, so I was joking with Christina about his hair. No I didn't take a picture of it haha.

Christina and I, aren't we so precious! hehe.
So, I get on the bus, and go to pay, lo and behold it's £4.85... So I scrounge in my wallet, I only have £4.27.. something like that. I was so embarrassed, and I didn't know what to do, so I looked around my stuff some more, while the bus guy took other people. And then jheri curl guy, ended up giving the bus guy 60p extra for me to use, and I almost hugged him I was so thankful and happy. I finally sat down, and started to calm down.
I get to Preston. I don't know where the fuck the train station is, so some nice people point me in the right direction, someone even walks me towards it :). I stopped at an ATM and got like £20, I should've gotten more, but how was I to know. There were a lot of women in burkas in Preston, I was amazed. So a HALF HOUR later, I arrive at the train station. I'm so happy I took the earlier bus!.

Preston Train Station.
I looked on the prompter, and there was an EARLIER train! That was coming in like a 1/2 hour, so I was happy and wanted to take that. I sat and waited, and waited and th bitch kept becoming delayed.

I was freezing.

When I couldn't feel my legs anymore, I decided to go to the bathroom, and I still couldn't feel my ass/legs/thighs.
So the first train became delayed past the original train I wanted to go on, so I was pissed. Because train #1 was on platform 5... then I go to platform 6 because that's where train#2 the earlier train is... then it changes to plat 3, and then plat 4, and then I go back to plat 5 originally, which the train has been at the station since 4pm. RRRRR.
So I got on the train. Sat down. I take deep breaths, open my journal, and write. Then I look up, and Nicole(!) got on the train. I was surprised, and I called out her name. She sat next to me, and she was going to go sleep at the airport like me. I was really happy, she was pretty cool. We got on the train, and she had a ticket for a bus to the airport. So we got off the train and go for the bus, but it never comes, and we get pissed, and go back to the train to get at the Euston stop, to take that to the airport.

The Euston subway station.
We get to the airport finally, we're exhausted by now. ...
People are vacuuming. There is ONE clerk there, and he's cleaning up. I was in shock, serious shock.
I was disappointed, because my plan fell through. We ended up taking a cab to this hotel that Nicole knew of. She wanted me to pay taxi fare, and I would've GLADLY done it, but I didn't have enough. Embarrassed once again.
We get there, get a room, the food/bar place was closing in like 5 minutes, so I got us sandwiches, which I paid with my debit card (hoping it still had $$ on it). We ate, and then went to the room and watched Six Degrees of Separation. I set the alarm and fell asleep.

Journal edit:
I'm at Preston wiating for a train to train to London Euston. It took me a 1/2 hour to walk here from the bus station. I'm glad I didn't believe the guy on the phone... However, there is an earlier train instead of the 5:28... 4:40, it's 4:28 right now, but the train is apparently delayed, like the rest, until 5:09.. Asshats. I really miss Adam... I guess we're having some sort of long term fling? I don't know.. He said he's "seeing" me "exclusively" but won't commit to some sort of name, I think he meant like boyfriend *shrug*. Rawr, wrong journal. Anywho, I got so excited this morning when Nicole was thinking of coming down on the train with me and then wanting to share her hotel room in London with me! I think Christina disapproved, because she didn't let me say goodbye to anyone besides Phil. I made a pretty scarf, so now her flatmates know me as "Chris' flash happy crocheting friend". I have another 1/2 hour til this blasted train comes. Last night, we went to a club, Sugar house, everyone kept telling me what a shite club it is... yet we still went. Christina and I left early (midnight), and since I need a good rest for today, I took a shower before the others were to arrive (2am). I took my shower, and used the bathroom. I heard some noises so I went to the door to see what the commotion was, and JoAnn was there saying sonething and scared me. I packed in less than 3 hours, we returned the beautiful cot, and I made French Toast. Then I went with Christina to catch the bus. The guy took forever to get to the station, and catch my bus to Preston! My trains been delayed to 5:14! wth! My luck at arriving to the station had faded quickly... Anyway, so Christina told me that to Preston it would cost me a quid, so I'd be fine. I only had £4.27. However the bus cost £4.85.. I was so embarrassed :(, some kind man gave 60p to pay for the rest and I was incredibly grateful. Embarrassed like hell, but I was grateful. Wow, now the train's at 5:24.. The one I came for is at 5:28. I wonder if I should get on the 5:28 one or if that'll be delayed as well. I'm tired and cold, so time to do SOMETHING... rawr dunno what though.
So I'm on plat 5, my original train has been @ the station since like 4pm. I was at plat 6 waiting for the earlier one, that changed to plat 3, so i went to plat 3, to find that it's delayed to 5:31. Whereas the train I'm supposd to be at is where I just was. RAWR! I went to the bathroom and my ass is numb. It's insane. I'm so tired, I fell asleep for like 5 minute intervals on the bus. I'm so tired, I may begin my nap now...
PURE coincedence, Nicole go on the same train I did! Even the same cabin car! I don't know what we're going to do tonight, but company's nice.

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