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England Day Six - EH! spiffy

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September 1st, 2004

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09:34 am - England Day Six
Christina and I woke up and we went to downtown Lancaster/the train station to buy me a ticket back to London.

The train station.
I had planned to go to London the night before, and then I'd just sleep at the airport. We went around downtown Lancaster, and I took some pictures. We were going to go to the Ashton memorial, and the butterfly house, but my feet/legs were in so much pain, I couldn't handle it. So here's downtown Lancaster.

Here's Ashton Memorial from afar.

So after I take the pictures I wanted to take, Christina decided to go grocery shopping. Mind you I was on a short budget from the beginning, and we kept going to a place like 7-11 to get food (so it was rather pricey). And the 2nd to last day she takes me to the grocery store! Rawr. I was pretty pissed. What was funny is that Christina has gone to Sainsbury's for the past 4 months or so, but I was the one to locate where it was. If we were to go the way that Christina suggested we would've been by the castle! Heh. Here's Christina in the store.

On the way back, we stopped in Ann Summer's? It's a lingerie/erotica shop, and I bought a mistletoe headband :D. I took a picture of Christina looking at corsets so we could harrass Phil with them later.

We took the bus back. Here's the view of the kitchen from outside.

I spent a good portion of my vacation in there. Hehe

Christina's cell phone, or as what I like to call, her "Phil Communication Device" ;)

I got some action under the mistletoe! Score!

The kitchen gang. L to R, JoAnn, part of Nicole's face, the back of Gaz's head, Billy, Alistair and Charlotte. Gaz, Alistair, Charlotte and Dean came back to the flat, and I met them. (So interesting eh?) Besides taking pictures, I was crocheting a scarf, which everyone thought was weird.

JoAnn, Nicole, Gaz, Bily, and Charlotte... look at all that alcohol.

Dean, and the back of Emily's head.


Nicole got her nose pierced, and she wanted me to take pictures... So I did. Hah.
We decided to go to the Furness Bar again, and then we were going to go to this club... Sugarhouse I think (everyone said it was god awful but wanted to go anyway).

Here's Alistair and Charlotte at the bar.

Emily, Billy, Gaz, and the back of Nicole's head.


Me, Christina. Don't I look so stupid (yes, I do).

Feet and thighs, nummy.

Me, Nicole and JoAnn.

On the double decker bus to the club! You should know everyone on the bus, if you don't too bad.

I'm a spaz.

Even weirder, I am.

We get to the club, and we start worrying about the Americans, because you need a student id. I had my Andover id hehehe, and I used it. The bouncer guy was like, well isn't that something! She's born in the 13th month! (morons) So, he kinda looked at me and just let me go in. However, they gave Christina some sort of hassle, and it was seriously crazy.

Christina INSIDE THE CLUB, texting Phil. *tsk tsk*

Those crazy Brits, they sure love their alcohol!

Here's Dean, Billy, Nicole (who's rather drunk) and Gaz.

Here's me taking a shot of tequila, this is probably the only alcoholic drink I somewhat enjoyed.

Yay, we're special!

Dean decided to try on Nicole's glasses, I was amused so I took a picture.

Gaz wanted a pair, too, so he took mine!

Charlotte took JoAnn's glasses, and here are the infamous specs stealers.

A picture of the club.
Since I was leaving the next day, and I was pretty tired, Christina and I left early. At the club they played "No Diggity" by Blackstreet 3 times. It was pretty crappy. So we left, and I went and took a shower. Apparently as I was in the shower, everyone came back, and JoAnn scared the crap out of me in the bathroom. I packed some more, and tried to go to sleep, while all the drunkens were being drunk.

Journal edit:
While we were in the kitchen, Billy was suggesting that everyone get an "X" tattooed on their body, to represent the 10 of them. The girls didn't like that idea, so I suggested:
P: How about the five guys get a V/ V?
Others: Oh that might be cool....
Billy: No, then people'll say, "Oh look at that virgin!"
I was very amused. :)
The next day, Christina and I planned to make an American breakfast. I finished packing, and making my scarf, and went to bed.

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