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England Day Five - EH! spiffy

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September 1st, 2004

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09:04 am - England Day Five
Somehow, Christina and I were able to wake up rarely early. We wanted to wake up super early, so we could eat breakfast and walk out to the town by the time the sun rose, but we underestimated when that would be. We went downstairs and had breakfast (which was free yay!) and it was pretty damn good. I got apple juice because it really helps my cramps. I finished it fast, and when i went back, I asked the lady if I could have another glass. She told me that I wasn't supposed to, but I should quickly before the guy gets back. It was great :). I really wanted to leave most of my stuff in the storage room, and then come back to get it before the train station; I had CRAZY blisters. However, while we were sleeping, Phil decided that we should go visit him. So, I had to carry all my stuff, regardless. We left, and I decided to take pictures of where we were staying at, and the nearby areas.

York International Hostel... pretty nice place :)

I swear this was the biggest house, that I saw in England, so I had to take a picture of it.

Some pretty building with solicitors, hehe.

This was a high school or middle school, and I decided that I wanted to live there, or go to school there. So what if I'm 19!

A MUCH better picture of the York Art Gallery. This was our good luck sign; it meant that we had arrived in the downtown area.
This was the view from one of the 'bars' in York. I really liked how this picture came out.
The same picture in black and white hehe. :) As Christina and I arrived downtown, I told we that we should walk some of the wall before we go into York Minster. It was pretty fun, and that walk inspired some really weird photos *embarrassed*.

The view of York Minster from the wall.

Christina on the wall, with the 'bar' in the background.

Me, same thing. In this picture I am wearing two pairs of pants and 5 layers of shirts.

Views of York Minster. As we were walking the wall on this incredibly damp day, I was reminded of LotR:TTT. So Christina and I decided to do weird photos that would be altered later. I altered some, and left some undone.

This is supposed to be Christina hiding from the imaginary enemy.

Here's me attacking an imaginary creature.

The creature APPEARS!

The graveyard... err something. This is where we'd go if we jumped the fence.

Christina attacking an imaginary creature, again.

Wait! The creature APPEARED! for Christina, too!

View of York Minster from the wall.

I was going to mesh those two pictures, and then add more characters, to make it look like a meeting, however Christina took the picture differently, so I decided not to even try.

The wall.

We reached another bar! Yay, I was thirsting for a beer...

Dammit! All this bar had was a scary staircase with no beverages. I was pretty scared of the staircase though.

Christina and I were a little shaken from this bulletin. There were attackers in York? :/

An Oxfam store! I really wanted to go in, but we weren't able to.

We finally made it to York Minster yay!

Here are the indoors of York Minster:

Christina and I decided to light candles, and take pictures while doing so.

I got Christina in two tries... however, it took her a while to get me. I was visited! I swear!

More indoors of York Minster:

Christina looks kinda scary no?

This was a really cool clock! That wreath's height is at 2 ft, so imagine how big that is!

Pretty candle holder.
More indoors.

We finally left. It was really fun, but would've been better if there was sunlight. When we left, it started to not downpour as much, so we walked about. We passed by a pastry shop with a scrumptious cake displayed.

Our next stop was Clifford's Tower. I don't recall much about what it was, I believe it was a part of a castle that was in York.. It was at the very end of town, so it took us quite a bit. When we got there, I was in awe of it.

So pretty!

Looks kinda tall and far...

I feel small...

The entrance... Lots of steps.

Christina on the steps... isn't that a crazy iamge! She's so small, and the steps were damp and scary and steep, and not cool. I was going to take my picture, but yea ... no. I climbed up to the top, and took pictures from the top of the stairs.

There was an ice rink set up, quite a few throughout England, and I wanted to go. We didn't end up going. These buildings I believe are museums, that we didn't go to either :(.

This is the inside of Clifford's Tower.

A fireplace, I believe.

Here's a model of what the York Castle looked like, and what Clifford's Tower used to look like.

Christina and I braved to go to the second story. Kinda creepy. The spiral staircases were narrow, steep, shallow, slippery, and just creepy.

This is a view from a crack in the staircase.

The view of York Minster from atop Clifford's Tower.

Here's York.

This is Christina and I on top of Clifford's Tower. I tried taking it as proof of how high up we were, but I didn't get a good perspective. We were so high up, it was wet, and the bars holding us 'in' were by our butts. Basically, if I were to turn quickly, my backpack could've swung Christina over the edge. We were both freezing and terrified of the heights to try and take a good picture :). There was a little girl up there, who was braver than us, and she went down the spiral steps without holding on. Then she went down these steps without holding on.

EVIL steps! I also went down them, without holding on. I did however have to hold back from swearing 'cause of fear. It was hard, and you can't see exactly how slippery they are.

Ali G with Pizza, Kebab etc.

This is the same area where I took my favorite picture from the 1999 trip.

This is the picture from the 1999 trip :) I think it's gorgeous, and probably the best picture I've ever taken.

The train station! Finally, we get to sit down! :D

Christina and I arrived in the Keighley station. I don't think I've ever seen Christina so excited in my life.
Phil greeted us there, and then we were to go to a pub. On the way there, I saw a penguin bookstore, so I just had to take a picture:

Phil took us to "The Royal Oak" pub. I laughed when I read it, I didn't get anything to drink, because I still had my bottle of Coke. He seemed like a nice guy. One of his friend's, Connor? I don't remember his name :X, wasn't such a nice guy, and I found out WAY too much information about him. We talked for a bit, and finally we all walked back to the train station, and Christina said her goodbye.
We got back to Lancaster, and I met Joann and Billy. Emily came later with her friend, Nicole, who was also visiting from the states. We all got introductions, I changed, and we decided to go to the Furness bar.

Here's Emily standing, Billy and JoAnn (closest to the camera) on clubkart.

Nicole and Christina.

JoAnn trying to hide, Billy and some girl he was trying to pull *gasp*.


JoAnn doing god knows what on her phone, Billy's cut off.

Look at that sexy bitch! ... err.
After the bar, we went back to the flats. I called my house, because JoAnn was telling us that Christina's phone was ringing a lot while she was gone. Alas, my parents were trying to call, when I told them that I was going to be in York for two days. I called them back, and then I called Adam and we talked for an hour. I was SO fucking happy to finally talk to him. It was great. Christina was being silly though, because while I was on the phone she'd pester me about things:
C: Who are you talking to?
P: Adam :)
C: And... what is he?
P: a male ;)
A: Did she just ask what I was?! I'm an internationally famous plumber!
I swear he said that :)
From my journal:
Left York. Met Phil in Keighley. The Royal Oak.. hehe. Came back to flat to meet JoAnn and Billy. Emily and her friend, Nicole, came later. Nicole seems cool. We went to Furness bar, where I scored within the top 13 of the Q music challenge. Adam finally answered his phone, I talked to him for over an hour.

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Amazing Travels

Wow, you have some amazing travels. That is really cool. :O

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