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England, Day Four - EH! spiffy

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March 9th, 2004

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09:52 pm - England, Day Four
WARNING!- There are about 100 pictures for this day and 100 more for the next, it will take QUITE the time to load. If you're still interested.. Here's my day.
Christina and I woke up at the BUTTCRACK of dawn. We had to order a taxi to get to the train station it was that early. I had tried calling Adam again, to no avail, and we went on our merry way. Christina bought a ticket for me from Lancaster to Preston, Preston to York, which cost like maybe 30 pounds altogether. We get on the train and go to Preston, the guy doesn't even CHECK our tickets. Christina wasted about $20 of my money, and she didn't even offer to pay for half of my wasted ticket. I was peeved, but we were going to pretty, pretty York, so all is well. We waited at Preston for a very long time. I quickly bought a sandwich, pringles and coke (it was hard for me to find Pepsi). The sandwich was horrible, neither Christina nor I could/would consume it. Mind you, it takes about 10 minutes or so by train to get to Lancaster to Preston, and our York train left from Preston at 6:31 in the morning. So, it was early as hell.
The night before, I had convinced Christina to stay at the Hostel in York, and I was very happy. You would think somoene who is well off, and she is, who claims we have to stay in York for two days, and must get a hotel, would pay for most of the hotel, because I was seriously getting close to broke. She seriously wanted to stay in a place that would've costed us 160 quid a night, which is like 160 dollars each. For ONE night in York, all you need is a bed, so we finally agreed on the hostel which claimed it didn't need reservations.
We get to York and see that the Hostel has a sign and where it's located and I'm looking at our map and it's different, and it says it's weird way to get there, so we try it. It was raining, freezing and horrible in York when we arrived. We walked for like 2 hours to get to this damn place, at which point Christina and I were soaking and regretful of not getting a taxi.
We go straight, and I have no idea where we are, so I ask for directions.
Person One: "Well, you go up a bit, then you turn left towards the Minster, and then go past it make a right and it's right there."
That didn't sound right at all, but we went towards the Minster anyway. We came across a pharmacy, and I went in and asked her.
Person Two: "Ohh, you're real close, you go around the corner and it's right there."
Christina and I were very excited by this news, so we trotted around the corner, and still didn't fucking find it. We go back to near the pharmacy, and there's this lady coming out of her house, I decided that she would know where it was, so I asked her.
Helpful Person Three: "The Youth Hostel, right. Well, you go around this bend here, keep going and going, then you make a left. You keep walking and you have to cross the street and it should be on the right."
We thanked her, followed her directions and found the Hostel.
We learned that in York, "right there" equates to "go around a bend, keep going and going, then make a left, keep walking, cross the street and it on the right."
And we get to the hostel, which looks pretty damn nice. It was next to this beautiful park which I was longing to have a walk in (snap pictures), but the weather was pretty crap.
We get to the Hostel and the lady was like, "Do you have reservations?" I about died. She said we didn't need them, but she was just curious. It was about $40 for the both of us, I believe, and breakfast was included. Our rooms were being cleaned, so we could store our stuff in the luggage room and then go to our rooms in like 30 minutes or so. I feared that this place was going to be way too far from York Minster, but I was wrong (yay!).
Across from the pharmacy and evil Person Two, there was this pub, Old Grey Mare.

Christina inside the pub.

Our placemats.
This place was rather amazing, I thought. I was rather hesitant to go eat there, but we were starved, and for 5 quid we got a huge plate full of GOOD fried chicken, salad, chips and a drink. Though we were both incredibly hungry, neither of us could eat that much food.
We left and in about 10 minutes we came across old pretty stuff :D

I knew we were getting close to the York Minster and we were there within seconds.

Christina wanted to go to the Jorvik Viking Centre first, she's all into that archaeology stuff, so we went. The maps made York
seem MUCH bigger than it was. We passed by some pretty churches and structures, as well as a Borders.

We got to Jorvik Viking Centre rather quickly. It was much closer than I expected. We went on this sights and SMELLS tour of Jorvik(York) way back in the day. It was pretty cool, it was like an amusement park ride (almost), and they had some cool things after the ride as well.

I'm not sure what this was for, but it amused me.

This was one of those things for kids, at least that's what the museum was using it for. You put a piece of paper over it and color the design onto the paper. I did about three :).

Viking helmet.

I was introduced to a fine male viking... he was a little pale and skinny for my tastes, but we left on good terms.
I bought all of my souvenirs at the viking centre, and they had the best souvenirs. They had some swords and daggers I wanted to buy, however I doubt customs would've been okay with that. We left within an hour or so, and still had quite enough time to spare, so we decided to head back towards York Minster. I took more pictures, heh.

This was the shopping area.

Marks and Spencer Clock.

Some bank, maybe Barclays.

Newgate Market.

This building is so amusing, and pretty because...

It's the St. Sampson's Centre for the Over 60s. hahaha.

Close-up of guy on St. Sampson's.

We were getting closer to York Minster.
We finally went into York Minster, and it started to rain after that. So the glass on the walls didn't look as nice, and it was rather bleh looking, so as Christina was deciding what she wanted to do, I started taking pictures of the foyer (before you buy tickets and enter the prettiness), I guess, to York Minster.

Some priest.


Even more Gates.

Crap ceiling pictures :(.

Some of the windows.
We decided to come see the actual York Minster tomorrow, and instead of buying a saver ticket for the upper level and the basement, we went to the basement the first day. Which was incredibly interesting, and I'm wondering if they had it last time I was there.

Christina and the Roman Mural.

This is an untouched Roman mural from so many years ago (I think around 300 AD). And that wall is from the Roman times, it was the foundation of a building that was perpendicularly under the York Minster.

This is from Roman times too, and it carries rain water to the River Ouse, still works.

This is the Norman/Saxon Model of the church that was under the York Minster.

Some glasswork.

This was on top of a pillar, in the Norman/Saxon church.

This was a bell, it's speculated that it was never used, because there is so much missing (due to the process of tuning it).

A model of all the buildings that were built on this site.

More glasswork.

Scary thinger.

Evem scarier thinger.

Painting of Mary, I believe.

Some angel thing, didn't turn out too well.

This was a really nice sketch, but it turned out blurry because my camera sucks.

This was a tomb of a child circa 1200, I believe. At first, it was thought to be a tomb of a baby, but then they took samplings and found it to be a 6 year old. Weird, eh?


Cool plate.

Some men.

I thought the ring was destroyed. I was wrong.

Pretty goblet.

This was a plate that was supposed to show Middle Eastern influence, or something.

A Chalice.

A statue of Constantine, he was incredibly keen. At least what I was told about what he thought of religion was rather keen.

The church that lies in York Minster's shadow, literally.

Pictures of York Minster.

Some tiaras I saw in a store window on the way home that I wanted.

Pretty sunset.

Athena and High Petergate

More sunset pictures, and a bit of York Minster.

The City Art Gallery.

Pretty buildings on the way home.

I just can't get enough!

A sign that would've been rather nice to have seen.
We finally left the central area, and went back to hostel. We were a bit knackered and hungry. I was exhausted really, my chest was feeling worse, and I was scared that I was going to die before the trip's end. My feet were also SO sore, they were blistered like a mothafucka, which I took pictures of, but I won't show you, because that's gross. Christina really wanted to go on a haunted ghost walk thing, so we picked one, and we decided to go to it, however after I rested.

Here's Christina restingtexting her boyfriend in our room.

The Tv in our room.

Christina in the dining hall.
We were able to get dinner at our hostel for the same price, and it was again, way too much food. It was amazing how hungry we were and yet how little we ate.
So, as Christina talked/texted her boyfriend *rolls eyes*, I went downstairs and searched the facilities. I believe I came online for a bit, and wow, amazing, I even posted. After that, Christina and I walked to this meeting spot. We got there like 2 minutes late, and there was no one there. We waited for about another 15 minutes and no one. This was supposed to be one of those rain or shine things, and no one was there. We went to this other one that said it started 30 min later, and no one showed up to that either.
On the way to both of these, we saw one in session already, and I told Christina we should go join it (since she wanted to see this so badly) and she didn't want to. So we went back to the hostel rather pouty faced. I came back online for a while, and then we went to bed.
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Date:March 11th, 2004 12:47 pm (UTC)
seriously going to kill you
i didn't realize it was downloading that many pictures, my computer froze twice
[User Picture]
Date:March 11th, 2004 04:15 pm (UTC)
You've already seen all of these pictures :-P

and did you miss the
WARNING!- There are about 100 pictures for this day and 100 more for the next, it will take QUITE the time to load.
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Date:March 14th, 2004 11:34 am (UTC)
no i minimized the box once i had it open and was wondering why it was taking so long to open google

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