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Day 3 - EH! spiffy

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March 4th, 2004

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10:06 pm - Day 3
So, Christina and I woke up early once again, had our breakfast, blah, blah. We decided to make it a Lancaster day. Christina had gotten a cough from apparently Phil's brother or mother, and it wasn't getting better with medication, so we were both such lovely tourists. I wasn't taking any medication because I thought it was a cold... or something... *cough*
So, before we went off around Lancaster, Christina wanted to see the dentist so she could fix her tooth. Apparently, it cracked a bit.
Campus of Lancaster University:

This was apart of the Medical building or something.

Random prettiness.

I like stalking random people. ;)



Whoa, what are those?!

Wow! Cocks!


Ugly ass thing. Poor duck/goose.

This goose thinks he's a duck.

See, isn't that so cute!?

Silly goosey.
Christina and I speculated if any desperate college students decided to eat poultry while they were stumbling drunk into the campus...
I love these signs.


Some tower.

Lancaster Market.

Random pretty buildings:

Where's Grumpy and Dopey Alley!?

I was tempted to go here.

Here mark the walls of Lancaster Castle.

Notice the barbed wire? Part of the castle is now a prison. Lovely, eh?

Church to the left of it, I believe.

View from the castle. The white and green building in the middle is Ashton Memorial I believe. We didn't get to go there, due to poor planning skills *cough*.



Pretty stones make graves, too.

Headless Grave...

Grave with Christina's head :D

While I was taking these pictures of the castle, some drunk man was yelling at me for doing so. Because people have work, and it's just Lancaster Castle.. I didn't really understand, I just ignored him and took my pictures.

And after that, we went back to Christina's dorm. We didn't do much else. We planned our stay/days in York, and she was thinking of on the way back from York if we could stop from York to Keighley, Keighley to Lancaster. So, she could see her boyfriend, because she missed him so much. Mind you, she hadn't seen him for 4 days. She couldn't wait 3 more days. I think we went to Spar again, (I'm pretty sure we went like every night) and I tried some other alcoholic beverages, which I didn't like as well. That was the night I really started to freak out about money.

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