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England, Day Two - EH! spiffy

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March 3rd, 2004

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11:47 pm - England, Day Two
So, Christina and I woke up very early to go to Manchester. I packed a small bag together, and off we went. Christina has a student discount card for train tickets, so she would buy me tickets at the counters (I kept all my tickets, too. Well, I tried to, at least), and then she would buy her ticket on the train. This is probably the most devious thing I've known Christina to do. I think her boyfriend uses it, as well. Anyway, so off we went to Manchester. The train there was pretty cute, better than the train I went on to Lancaster, at least. Since, Christina didn't want to research Manchester a bit, and only wanted to go there in the daytime (because England is a scary place in the dark, cough), we had to take a cab from the train station to the mall. She'd pay the way there, and I'd pay the way back. So we get in the cab, and she thinks that you're not supposed to tip.... so she doesn't. It was like 12 pounds. Though, on the way back, after paying for dinner on my credit card, and seeing the whole gratuity thing, I tipped the cabbie, so twas like 15 pounds. Anyway, so we finally go in. We went in through Debenhams(?), I believe, and so it didn't look too great. I got nervous at first, but then we finally made it to the pretty part. The Orient Express:

There's the silly thing using Christina's cell phone.
This is all in a mall, mind you. Just one section.
On the way, we passed by a HMV store, so I was interested in buying the Coldplay Live 2003 sp. ed. dvd (online it was like 25 pounds), so I looked for it, and it was like 18 pounds, so I considered buying it. At Coldplay.com they also had this calendar for like 10 pounds. HMV was selling it for 2. So, I bought that quick :). It was quite awkward to carry around, but yay. They even had a Borders inside this mall, which was at most 4 years old.
Next, we went into the Entertainment and Food Eatery, which was entitled, "Orleans". The eatery area looks like a huge cruise ship. It has a huge tv screen, boats, and the ceiling looks like the sky.

And then, on the big screen they have some music videos on rotation. Last time I was there, they had that "boom, boom, boom, boom, I want you in my room" music video. This time they had Beautiful Occupation by Travis. :D

Play that riff, Andy. After I took those pictures, Christina and I decided to eat at Pizza Hut. For $26, yes, dollars, we had a pizza, ice cream, two drinks and breadsticks. The Pizza Hut had an Egyptian theme to it.

There's an extreme close up of Christina.


These were by the bathrooms, I thought they were pretty neat.

Again, by the bathrooms.

Pizza Hut, serving Pharoahs for generations.

Here's a picture of the Pizza Hut next to the Aztec Casino.

I wanted to go inside and gamble, but somehow Christina forgot to remind me.

They had this one "American" restaurant:

Just more indoor stuff.
Then they also had a movie theatre in this place. You go up these stairs or something. There was some guy statue there too..

"Let there be cake! Tea and cake or death!"


Atop the stairs:

I thought the artwork was all so pretty, and I mean this is a mall. They were opened pretty late for most places in England. They were opened til like nine pm everyday. I was so amazed. However, we were going to leave around 4, so I hurried and went to the fountain that I so longed to see.
This fountain shoots water up every 15 minutes or so, to the ceiling of the mall and it looks just really cute.

The Fountain, and

the ceiling about 30 feet above it. We did our final rounds, apparently Christina was extremely tired, and hated malls (bad tour guide she was). So I had her take one kinky picture of me, and by kinky, I didn't mean a thing.

The picture probably would've been nice if Christina would've waited for me to settle down. I thought she took the picture after I dropped all those things, apparently she took it while I was getting up off of it. And so I look horrible *pouts*.
We finally went outside to where the private hire cars were to get a taxi. I almost forgot how beautiful this place was, almost.

Those were in the air.

A pretty fountain. There was also an ice rink next to it, which I wanted to go skating in, but yea...

The fountain near sunset. So, there were my pictures for the day.
I remember getting back to the station all pissed, and that we didn't stay longer, but by the time we got back to her dorm I was exhausted. I don't think we did anything except research stuff for York and London trains. We went to bed rather early. Oh, but before I went to bed, we went to Spar, and I got a phone card. I called my parents and told them I was okay, and what we did. This and that. Then, because of Christina's INCESSANT talking of Phil, I desperately wanted to talk to Adam (I talked to him last I think New Year's Day). So, I go to call him, but since my cell was stolen/missing, I didn't have his number. I pouted for about 15 minutes. Then, I called my house back. I asked to talk to Daryoush. I asked him how he was, this and that. But more importantly, I asked if he was on AIM. I made Daryoush im Adam to ask him for his phone number and other stupid things. However, Adam's super high tech phone sucked, and was broken, so i couldn't have called it anyway. So, here I had Adam's number, and nothing to do with it. I made Daryoush write "I want cuddles", well I didn't make him, but I asked him to, and I think he did, but yea. So, I kind of had a chat with Adam, it was amusing.

On the train, to and fro Manchester, I wrote some journal entries about some random things Christina and I were talking about:
These were all things I was going to say to Phil when I first met him. I didn't get to though, because of reasons I'll explain in Day 5. :D
"I love you. I want to have your babies." " I hear you're very fertile."
"Hi, I'm sorry that I've stolen your brid for a bit, but I'm just much better than you!"

"I HAVE HERPES!" snog everyone! -- I have no idea what that's in relevance to.

I bought a phone card, and Adam's phone broke :(

Haha, I'm so lame.

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